I'm Anthony, an honours Computer Science graduate from the School of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Nottingham. I currently work as a Programmer/Application Leader in UK IDN Core Development at Reuters in London. I currently live in the burgeoning Buckinghamshire new town of Milton Keynes. I am a self-confessed geek and like all things tecchie, I also have lots of normal past-times too! :-) On the right is a photo of me being distinctly non-geeky (admittedly still relatively rare), I defintely think the blurred nature of the photo helps! Not quite so scary!! Ladies, how drunk you are is directly 
proportional to how attractive I appear! :-)

About me
Well, there's not that much to tell really! I'm 23 years old, single (open to offers though!), and from Manchester originally (lost my accent over the years). My main interests are programming (mainly in C, C++ and Java, though I dabble with other languages such as Perl) and the Linux operating system. I am always keen to learn new programming languages and techniques (this seems to come naturally), which is probably why I enjoyed studying Computer Science so much. Away from computers, I enjoy electronics (building circuits, etc.), and am very much interested in science and technology. I also enjoy listening to music, particularly 1960's and 80's popular music (some modern music isn't too bad either), and getting away from it all with the odd walk in the countryside or wandering around town (perhaps exploring somewhere new). I love to laugh and like sitcoms (Yes Minister, Only Fools and Horses, My Family, etc.), stand-up comedy (Japer Carrot, Jack Dee, Ben Elton to name a few), etc. Being slightly more serious, I also find history fascinating, and enjoy delving into 19th and 20th century history when I can. If there is anything else you want to know, just email me! :)

Geek Block!
For those who like concise info here's my geek block (see http://www.geekcode.com for more details):

Version: 3.12
GCS/S d+(++) s+++:++ a-- C++ ULB+++$ P++ L++ E W+(++) N+ o+ K- w--(++)$ !O M V$
PS- PE++ Y+ PGP- t 5- X- R- tv b+ DI++ D G++ e++ h* !r !y+

Contacting me:

Email (Permenant): anthony@truhlar.org
Email (Permenant) [alternative]: anthony@truhlar.co.uk
Mobile/SMS: (07788)-121131


Curriculum Vitae (12/2002): http://www.truhlar.org/cv.html
Breakdown of marks: http://www.truhlar.org/marks.html
My PQI Web site: http://www.truhlar.org/pqi.html

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